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Never forget your favorite podcasts again! These journal pages for podcast listeners will help you keep track of your favorite episodes, hosts, and topics. Most importantly, The Podcast Journal will help you remember the important takeaways for your own life. With an easy-to-follow format, you’ll bring the best of the podcast world into your own in no time!

  • Podcast and Venue Organizer
  • Episode Tracker
  • Weekly and Monthly Calendars
  • Journal Pages for Shortform Podcasts, Longform Podcasts, and Fiction Podcasts


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Price: $12.00

Publisher: Absolute Love Publishing

Published Date: November 1, 2023

Pages: 109

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Dimensions 14.0 x 0.6 x 21.6cm

Weight: 195 g

ISBN Numbers: 979-8985574623


Candace Gish


Candace Gish is a motivator and empowering change agent who understands the challenges women face while finding success in their everyday lives and businesses. She is an advocate for mentorship and strong, supportive networks.
Her four daughters and wonderful husband have inspired her to create a better world, thus the Divas That Care Network was born. Candace enjoys connecting with goal-oriented women and a commitment to make a difference. She believes in the power of women converging to implement change and has ensured that the purpose of Divas That Care movement quantifies just that.

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